About the Swiss Cider Awards

What's it all about?

Swiss Cider Awards

Who is behind the Swiss Cider Awards? 
The Swiss Cider Awards were started in 2020 by Peter Elderton - Certified Pommelier, Certified Cider Guide. Since the successful first iteration, eventually held in January 2021 (due to necessary postponement) there were many discussions to bring the Swiss Cider Awards back, and after a discussion in late 2023, the plan was made to bring the Swiss Cider Awards back for 2025 in collaboration with GLUG DeguFestival (a presentation of RUUF AG).

Why Swiss Cider Awards?
To help promote more and different Cider, as well as to bring Cider to a wider audience within Switzerland. Additionally, to put Swiss ciders on the map to a global audience.

How did it all start?
As a dream during my Pommelier classes in 2019, the idea of a theoretical Swiss Cider Awards was posed to form a part of my final pommelier assessment. Having spent many hours planning the theory of a Cider Awards, the optimist within decided to put the plan in to action in 2020.

What makes the Swiss Cider Awards Unique?
The idea has always been to give Cider the spotlight it rightly deserves, and to put some of the best Ciders in Switzerland (and the world) in front of some of the best palates, from top sommeliers, chefs, industry leaders, buyers, gastronomy experts and professors. Bringing cider to new audiences through shared promotion and partnerships.

Cider Awards Judging

What's new for 2025? What is DeguFest?
The Swiss Cider Awards had been planned to gather the Cider and wider gastronomy industry together for a celebration of Cider. While 2020 turned out not to be the best year for doing that, new opportunities have presented themselves for 2025 and the second Swiss Cider Awards. New for this occasion, the awards will be presented at a ceremony as part of DeguFest in Aarau on February 8th 2025. 
DeguFest provides the opportunity for a celebration of Cider, as well as for producers to present their finest drinks to, and meet, the public. As DeguFest is an industry wide festival open to the trade and public, the Cider industry has a chance to showcase the finest ciders in the land to an audience perhaps less familiar with the wares of the fermented apple. A fantastic opportunity to grow your reach as well as that of Cider.


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